Mohawk archive format

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General layout

Mohawk archives are organized in chunks, and this is the chunk layout:

  • IFF chunk
    • IFF header
    • RSRC header
    • Resource dir
      • Type table
      • Name tables (one for each resource type)
      • Resource tables (one for each resource type)
      • Resource name list
      • File table
    • Actual data (resource contents)

Note that the chunks may be found in a different order: never trust on them being at fixed locations, and use the offsets to reach them.

Every integer is in big-endian (Motorola) byte order.

IFF header

This is always at the beginning of the file.

4 bytes chunk signature (MHWK), identifies Mohawk archive format
unsigned long file size in bytes, not counting this IFF header (that is, file size - 8)

RSRC header

I think this is actually the "Resource Dir header". Note that the Dir can be anywhere in file, but this header always follows the IFF Header.

4 bytes chunk signature (RSRC)
unsigned long should be length of RSRC chunk (never bothered to check)
unsigned long total file size in bytes
unsigned long absolute offset of the Resource Dir
unsigned short offset in Resource Dir of the File Table
unsigned short File Table size in bytes

Type table

Name table

Resource table

Resource name list

File table