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As a preliminary step, this page lists Myst variable numbers and their meaning to aid the reverse engineering process. This is based on interpretation of VIEW conditional images and RLST scripts.

The mechanism of variables is not yet very well understood. Apparently, there isn't a one-to-one mapping between variable numbers and variables themselves; for examples, it appears you can access the same variable by different numbers, and different variables by the same numbers (e.g. numbers 102 and 103 hold the status of red and blue pages in every Age).

The scope of variable numbers seems to be local to the single stack (age). That is, variable 0 in Stoneship and variable 0 in Mechanical are independent. This raises the question of where global game info is kept.


0     status of the cache door in Achenar's room
1     status of the cache door in Sirrus' room
2     looks like a combination of blue page and box status in Achenar's cache
3     status of the box in Achenar's cache
4     status of the stair to the Myst book
5     position of the fortress
6     related to the position of the fortress
7     status of the central elevator door
10    status of the stair to the lower layer
11    position of the "C" in the lower layer controls
12    position of the gear in the lower layer
13    position of the elevator
14    tells if the elevator middle button has just been pressed
15    status of the puzzle for accessing the Myst book
16-19 symbol digits in the puzzle for the Myst book
20-22 lighted crystal in Sirrus' room
102   red page status
103   blue page status


0     wind tunnel sound switch and, at the same time, mazerunner internal door button pushed
1     caldera sound switch
2     broken clock sound switch
3     fountain sound switch
4     stone forest sound switch
5     antenna control door
6     light in wind tunnel
7     what you see outside the mazerunner window
8     related to the antenna control monitor
9-13  antenna control, source icons lighted
14-17 antenna control, display digits
18    antenna control, right arrow lighted
19    antenna control, left arrow lighted
20    see card 1147
21    see card 1147
22    see card 1147
23    see card 1147
24    see card 1147
25    mazerunner direction indicator
26    antenna control, sigma button lighted
27    mazerunner speaker light on
28    color of the button in the sound sliders panel
29    mazerunner external blue button clicked
30    see card 1182
31    mazerunner FORWARD button pushed
32    mazerunner arrow buttons pushed
33    mazerunner BACKTRACK button pushed
102   red page status
103   blue page status



Status of the water inside the lighthouse:

  • 0: water is flooding the lighthouse.
  • 1: no water.


Status of the water in the room with the Myst linking book.

  • 0: water is flooding the room.
  • 1: no water.


Status of some things inside the lighthouse:

  • 0: water is flooding the lighthouse.
  • 1: no water.
  • 2: water is flooding the lighthouse, the box is floating.


Status of the lighthouse door:

  • 0: door closed but unlocked.
  • 1: door open.
  • 2: door closed and still locked.


Whether the floating box with the key is closed (0) or open (1).


Status of light and water in the tunnels to Sirrus' and Achenar's rooms.

  • 0: light off, water.
  • 1: light off, no water.
  • 2: light on, water.
  • 3: light on, no water.


Related to the blue alarm in the tunnels.

  • 0: alarm.
  • 1: light.
  • 2: alarm.


Status of the light in the Myst book room.

  • 0: light off.
  • 1: light on.


Related to the status of the lights in the tunnels.

  • 0: submersed lights on.
  • 1: submersed light off, tunnel light on.
  • 2: alarm light on.


Seems to tell whether the blue page has been picked up.