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The original Riven engine features a built-in debug shell with useful capabilities.

It can be activated by typing the string b3hn in the game and then pressing ctrl+tab. A green prompt should appear in the bottom left corner of the game window. This prompt accepts several commands, listed below. After each command the prompt disappears, but it comes out again by just pressing ctrl+tab.

  • g <id>: go to card <id>
  • gc <id>: go to card, using its RMAP identifier
  • gs <stack> [<id>]: go to stack <stack> (e.g. tspit) and to card <id>, if specified
  • get <variable>: get the value of a variable
  • set <variable> <value>: set the value of a variable
  • undo: undoes actions on cur card (autosave must be enabled)
  • enable <id>: enable an hotspot
  • disable <id>: disable an hotspot
  • p: purges all purgeable blocks
  • c: compacts entire heap
  • pc: purges, then compacts
  • mem: returns total free memory
  • free: returns physical free memory (excludes virtual)
  • debug: toggles a line with useful debug info
  • hs: toggle hotspot display
  • autosave: toggles autosave-every-card feature
  • dump: saves the current card picture to a bmp file
  • ipmm: toggles impatient PM mode
  • slideshow: show the images from b2_data.mhk with captions
  • pleh: shows the list of commands available (They don't make this easy do they)

See also the original source.