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As a preliminary step, this page lists Myst variable numbers and their meaning to aid the reverse engineering process. This is based on interpretation of VIEW conditional images and RLST scripts.

The scope of variable numbers seem to be local to the single stack (age). That is, variable 0 in Stoneship and variable 0 in Mechanical are independent. Note that this raises the question of where global game info is kept.



Status of the water inside the lighthouse:

  • 0: water is flooding the lighthouse.
  • 1: no water.


Status of the water in the room with the Myst linking book.

  • 0: water is flooding the room.
  • 1: no water.


Status of some things inside the lighthouse:

  • 0: water is flooding the lighthouse.
  • 1: no water.
  • 2: water is flooding the lighthouse, the box is floating.


Status of the lighthouse door:

  • 0: door closed but unlocked.
  • 1: door open.
  • 2: door closed and still locked.


Whether the floating box with the key is closed (0) or open (1).


Status of light and water in the tunnels to Sirrus' and Achenar's rooms.

  • 0: light off, water.
  • 1: light off, no water.
  • 2: light on, water.
  • 3: light on, no water.


Related to the blue alarm in the tunnels.

  • 0: alarm.
  • 1: light.
  • 2: alarm.


Status of the light in the Myst book room.

  • 0: light off.
  • 1: light on.


Related to the status of the lights in the tunnels.

  • 0: submersed lights on.
  • 1: submersed light off, tunnel light on.
  • 2: alarm light on.


Seems to tell whether the blue page has been picked up.