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About Me

I'm currently working on an engine for ScummVM that will run Myst, Riven, and other games that use the Mohawk archives. My blog on my progress can be found here.

While most of Riven's resources are known, I occasionally add information on them. My main work on the wiki is adding to the non-Riven games. I'll add information mostly as I find out about it.

Engine Progress


Myst is now partially playable. The ages are all explorable at least. No puzzles are completable yet, however.


It is highly playable right now. Only a few minor bugs remain. Transitions have not been implemented. Background videos are not yet supported. Many external commands are also not implemented yet. Inventory is also supported.

The game is currently playable up until the "Marble Puzzle." This includes completing the Boiler Puzzle and Tay.

Other Games

Images, palettes, and sounds of other Mohawk games (both old and new file formats) are supported. Images in the old games aren't supported yet.