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== Myst engine ==
== Myst engine ==
*[[Myst engine overview|Overview]]
*[[Myst_resources|List of resources]]
*[[Myst_resources|List of resources]]

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Welcome. This wiki is the evolution of A look inside Riven, a research project aimed at understanding how the Riven game engine works. This effort is now being extended to the Myst engine as well as other Broderbund games which use Mohawk, and we hope this wiki will be its central organization hub. Would you like to contribute? Contact Tito, your help is welcome!

Riven is Copyright © 1997 Cyan Worlds, Inc. All rights reserved. Riven, MYST, and Cyan are trademarks of Cyan Worlds, Inc.

Common things

Riven engine

Myst engine

Other Games


Here are links to projects aimed at reimplementing the original Riven/Myst engines on modern platforms.