Mohawk MIDI

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This is the Mohawk MIDI format. It resembles the Mohawk archive format and Mohawk Sounds format. And, it's just a wrapper around the standard MIDI format. It is in Big Endian order.

The Header

4 bytes mhwk_magic
unsigned long size
4 bytes midi_magic
  • mhwk_magic is the string 'MHWK'. It's equal to the Mohawk format signature!
  • size is the effective resource size.
  • midi_magic is the string 'MIDI'.

After this header come the chunks. Until now, 3 chunk types have been identified: 'MThd', 'Prg#' and 'MTrk'.

The MThd Chunk

See here for information on this chunk.

The Prg# Chunk

(MIDI Programs?)

unsigned long chunk_size
unsigned short u0
unsigned short u1
unsigned short u2

The MTrk Chunk

See here for information on this chunk.